Welcome to Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press! We are a publishing company dedicated to bringing new quality speculative fiction to your bookshelves and e-readers, from stories set in Eric Flint’s own 1632 Universe, to brand new worlds created by new talent up and coming talent.

Latest News

Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press is proud to bring you The Muse of Music! This is the second title since our relaunch under are new redesigned logo and brand. It is written by Enrico Toro and David Carrico. Cover illustration and layout by Emily Mottesheard.

The Muse of Music is an expanded version, with new material, of the stories originally published in the Grantville Gazette, the magazine of the 1632 Universe, the Ring of Fire. Continue reading “NEW 1632 Book Release! “The Muse of Music””

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