NEW 1632 Book Release! “Bartley’s Man”

bartleys-man-cover-webEric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press is proud to bring you Bartley’s Man! We are incredibly excited to announce this title as it is the first launch under are new redesigned logo and brand. It is written by Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff. Cover illustration and layout by Emily Mottesheard.

Bartley’s Man is an expanded version, with new material, of the stories originally published in the Grantville Gazette, the magazine of the 1632 Universe, the Ring of Fire.

The Up-timer Americans didn’t just bring wonderful tech like airplanes, steam engines, and Fresno scrapers, they also brought ideas. Ideas that had grown strong in the hundred and fifty years between the Ring of Fire and what would have been the American Revolution in 1776. Those ideas included the dignity of every single person, and the equality of all.

Compared to the way 17th century nobles and rich burghers treated their underlings and servants, the American ideals stand out as beacons of light and hope.

Bartley’s Man is about love, respect, and honor, and becoming wealthy by doing good as servant to the brilliant up-timer teenager, David Bartley. It is the story of Johan Kipper, a reluctant soldier in Tilly’s Tercio as he collides with the fact of Grantville’s existence. Johan decides he doesn’t want to be a soldier anymore, so he becomes what he thinks is a servant to entrepreneur David Bartley and the Higgins family. They actually treat him as a person, in stark contrast to the way he has been treated all his life by the royalty and nobility of his own time. Johan returns this genuine caring with love and loyalty as he watches David grow into manhood, and he, himself, grows as a man.

Bartley’s Man is available for Kindle Ebook Download and in Print Trade Paperback, and is free to read right now for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers! If you’ve already been one of our many new fans of the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Even a short review (e.g. “I liked it!”) helps us tremendously and is the best conduit we have with our readers to improve our future publications.

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2 thoughts on “NEW 1632 Book Release! “Bartley’s Man””

  1. I picked the book up at Fencon (printed 29 August 2016) and read it almost immediately. I found two obvious typos:
    (page 5, line 2): … appeared in several areas sues of …
    should be: … appeared in several issues of …
    (page 80, line 10): 0000000***
    should be: ***

  2. You might also want to contact Amazon — the Kindle and the Paperback versions of “Bartley’s Man” are listed as 2 separate titles, with the Paperback version not showing in most of my searches.
    Also, Amazon does not apparently offer the Paperback versions of “Second Chance Bird” by Garrett W. Vance, “No Ship for Tranquebar” by Kevin H. and Karen C. Evans, “Turn Your Radio On” by Wood Hughes and “Medicine and Disease after the Ring of Fire”.

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