NEW 1632 Book Release! “The Muse of Music”

Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press is proud to bring you The Muse of Music! This is the second title since our relaunch under are new redesigned logo and brand. It is written by Enrico Toro and David Carrico. Cover illustration and layout by Emily Mottesheard.

The Muse of Music is an expanded version, with new material, of the stories originally published in the Grantville Gazette, the magazine of the 1632 Universe, the Ring of Fire.

When Italian musician Giacomo Carissimi hears about Up-time music in Grantville he sets off across the Alps to see and hear these wonders. Nothing will keep him from his dream of learning the new music and seeing new instruments, not even warring militias and the threats of plague. He shares the trek and what he finds in a series of heartfelt letters and several short stories. These stories and the accompanying nonfiction essays were originally published in The Grantville Gazette.

The Muse of Music is available for Kindle Ebook Download and in Print Trade Paperback, and is free to read right now for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers! If you’ve already been one of our many new fans of the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Even a short review (e.g. “I liked it!”) helps us tremendously and is the best conduit we have with our readers to improve our future publications. Even if we don’t reply to you directly, we do indeed read every review and comment.

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