6 thoughts on “Two new books!”

  1. Please include a list someplace of the Ring Of Fire releases. Thanks. I’d have seen it in the FAQs, but I coudn’t find em.

  2. The next book due for release by ROF Press in January is 1635 The Battle for Newfoundland. It’s the sequel to The Danish Scheme.

    As the cover write up says:
    War clouds gather as the French and Danes struggle for control of the north in the New World. Move and counter move play out as Richelieu launches a French expedition to sweep the Danes from their new settlements.
    It’s the Love Boat versus the War boats as King Christian’s hare brained contraption, the first modern submarine, tries to single handedly hold off the French fleet from conquering Newfoundland.
    Meanwhile, the new Danish settlements around Hudson’s Bay face the grim realities of starvation from the cold north weather. Captain Foxe faces difficult choices in ‘1635 -The Battle for Newfoundland’.

      1. Walt had a problem with his computer and lost the proofed manuscript. I’ve had to do two reviews and the final copy is now being prepared for release. It’s been very frustrating.

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