Demons of the Past: Revolution

by Ryk E. Spoor

Book Cover: Demons of the Past: Revolution
Part of the Demons of the Past series:
  • Demons of the Past: Revolution

Sasham Varan was a patriot, a true believer in the Reborn Empire. But after a secret project both gave him outlawed psionic powers and revealed that Prime Monitor Shagrath, head of the Monitor Corps and right hand of the Emperor, was a monster hiding behind a human face, Varan became a fugitive and the most-wanted man in the Empire. With the aid of the enigmatic trader The Eonwyl, reptilian psi-scientist Sooovickalassa, and the immense and far too dangerously cheerful astrophysicist Guvthor, Varan must discover the true nature of Shagrath and his invisible allies – and a way to fight them.

And back home, in the center of the Empire, Taelin Mel'Tasne – Varan's closest friend – begins his own perilous quest to work his way to the center of Shagrath's plans… without even understanding what he faces!

Varan will meet new allies, old enemies – and eventually must seek out a world that became nothing but legend and myth eighteen thousand years before, to find the answers he must have… before returning to face an even more terrifying danger!

Publisher: Ring of Fire Press
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About the Author

Ryk E. Spoor was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and his family moved from there to Vermilion, South Dakota, Atlanta, Georgia, and Latham, New York, before settling for the longest time in Schenectady, New York. After getting undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Science and Psychology, he was awarded his Master's in Information Science by the University of Pittsburgh. He has held jobs ranging from paperboy and fast-food cook to QA assurance and production manager for a small educational software company. Currently his day job is Research and Development Coordinator for International Electronic Machines in Troy, NY.

Ryk E. Spoor became a fan early; the Oz books by L. Frank Baum were some of his first inspirations (leading to his self-published novel Polychrome). A teacher handed him Second Stage Lensmen when he was 11; this encounter with epic space opera set him irrevocably on the path to SF geekdom and was ultimately the driving force behind the creation of his epic space opera Grand Central Arena; later he encountered roleplaying games in the form of Dungeons and Dragons, and worked on the fantasy universe he created for more than thirty years before publishing the Balanced Sword fantasy trilogy (Phoenix Rising, Phoenix in Shadow, and Phoenix Ascendant)A Usenet flamewar led to the publication of his first novel, Digital Knight and multiple collaborations with Eric Flint including the hard-SF Boundary series, and he now has a total of 18 published novels, the most recent being Demons of the Past: REVOLUTION. Ryk lives in Troy, NY, with his wife, four children, one poodle, and several chickens.

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