Joseph Hanauer

by Douglas Jones

As central Europe crumbles during the Thirty Years War, Joseph Hanauer and a group of other Jewish refugees struggle to make their way from the Rhineland to Poland. Their plans change with rumors of troop movements and then an even more astounding rumor, that the actual pit of Hell has opened in the hills of the Thuringerwald.

In this story, part of Eric Flint's Ring of Fire alternate history series, Joseph Hanauer and his friends find themselves thrust into the 20th century, or at least into one down-on-its-luck corner of 20th century West Virginia. How do they react to these strange circumstances? How do modern Americans look from their perspective?

Most important, what should they do? Continue their attempt to escape into Poland, or plunge into the sweeping political and social transformations that are beginning to emerge in central Europe?


About the Author

Douglas W. Jones lives in Iowa City with his wife Beverly, a dog and three cats, his two children having grown and fled the nest. He did not seriously consider writing fiction until he read Eric Flint’s book 1632.

Doug Jones took a science fiction writing class at Carnegie Mellon University in the early 1970s, where he majored in physics. His PhD work at the University of Illinois was in computer science.

Doug Jones has been on the computer science faculty at the University of Iowa since 1980 and is best known for his work on electronic voting. He has observed and consulted on elections around the world, has testified before numerous government bodies, and has been widely quoted in the media on that subject.

Doug provided the cover art for Grantville Gazette, Volume 12.