Love & Chemistry

by Jack Carroll, Edith Wild

Sometimes it takes a lot of travel and a little chemistry to find love.

For down-timer Matthias Ehrenhardt it is certainly true. His life begins inauspiciously at the loss of his home and family but the plucky young man does not give up. Instead, he takes his chances at the new university to study engineering.

Only one thing worries Matthias. He has loved the gentle Dora all his life and he suspects she loves him in return. But will her father let her wait for a penniless orphan who is dedicating himself to engineering? Up-timers may think highly of engineering but Dora's father is not so sure.

The education Matthias gets in engineering is almost as astounding as the one he gets living and studying wth the Up-timer students.

Love and Chemistry is the story of one young man's education in chemistry, life and love.

Parts of this novel originally appeared in The Grantville Gazette as The Undergraduate.

Publisher: Ring of Fire Press
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About the Authors

Jack Carroll

I’m a semi-retired electronics engineer, with 40 years of extremely mixed experience, mostly in industrial and medical electronics. I’ve had a ham license for 50 years; present call sign is W1PK and I work 2 meter and 440 MHz FM.

Other major interests (besides science fiction, of course) are American history, technology in general, music, photography, and getting out and appreciating nature.

I’ve written roughly 50 songs, about half of them sea songs and half filk, with one 1632 song stuck in writer’s block (“I Work at Braun & Scharff”).

Published works are in the NESFA Hymnal Volume 2 and Northeast Passages, probably available through My chosen instrument of torture is 12-string guitar.

I do some beta testing for the Debian Linux project. Military service was with the U.S. Air Force, 1965 to 1969, 18th Comm Squadron, Westover AFB Mass. I live with my wife and our cat in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Edith Wild

Edith Wild is a long time author in the 1632 universe.