Pandora’s Crew

by Paula Goodlett, Gorg Huff

Book Cover: Pandora’s Crew
Part of the StarWings series:
  • Pandora’s Crew

New York Times bestselling authors Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff are happy to bring you a new book in a new series, in a whole new universe. You will be familiar with Gorg and Paula from their books in Eric Flint's 1632 Ring of Fire series, The Kremlin Games, The Viennese Waltz, The Volga Rules and The Alexander Inheritance. And now they welcome you to the StarWings Universe.

The Pamplona sector—long cut off from Old Earth by war, politics, and the vagaries of jump—is slowly, too slowly to notice, slipping into a space-going dark age. Technology and science are being suppressed. The powers that be intend to remain in charge and are too busy sticking their knives in each other’s backs to notice that the short term advantage of demonizing aliens, artificial brains, and genetic engineering are far outweighed by the long term stagnation their paranoia and propaganda is fostering.

The artificial brain ship Pandora, her captain, Danny Gold, Checkgok, a Parthian neuter female, John, Jenny, the professors and the odds and sods they pick up as crew don’t know it either. At least not at first. They are just trying to get by. But the evidence mounts, and they are forced to make some hard decisions.

Publisher: Ring of Fire Press
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About the Authors

Paula Goodlett

Paula Goodlett is a New York Times bestselling author, a retired Air Force master sergeant, former editor of the Grantville Gazette, and creator of universes.

Gorg Huff

I like writing because I am one of those people who thinks of the right thing to say hours, weeks or even years, too late. That sucks in day-to-day life, but in writing you can go back and do a rewrite.

Also, because I like creating stuff. A story, a painting, drawing, virtual object in a computer, an invention, a doorway, a doggy door, a cake or loaf of bread. The process takes me out of myself as well as reading or watching the tube does. And when I'm done, I have the knowledge that there is something new in the world. Which is kinda cool.  Or I have a cake, which is kinda fattening.

Historically, I have been a student, a paratrooper, a construction worker, a clerk, a cashier and so on. And for varying reasons, not overly good at any of them. What I never really thought I would be is a writer. Wanted to be, yes. Thought it possible, no.

3 thoughts on “Pandora’s Crew”

  1. So, I went to the Ring of Fire website and purchased the book.

    Received an email that gave me links to download the files (BTW, nothing to indicate which format each of the files are).

    Now when I try to download the files, I am told that the link has expired. There was/is nothing mentioned during the purchase process nor in the email message that mentions a time limit.

    1. Hi, I am not sure if this will work but have you tried longing in and getting a new download link? Not buying the book again just getting a new link?


  2. You are building a nice space opera with plenty of entertaining characters and conflicts. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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