Turn Your Radio On

by Wood Hughes

The Ring of Fire brought back more that just technology, law, culture, and history. Religions, and religious thought that had yet to occur to the 17th century suddenly appeared.

At the same time, the Voice of America is selling radio time...

Televangelism in 17th century Germany. What could be more fun?

This story was previously serialized in the Grantville Gazette,

A worthy addition to the 1632 series, this is one of a series of new books published under the imprint of the "Ring of Fire Press." to make available stories and information which there simply isn't time for in Baen's publishing schedule. These stories were simply too long to be included in any of the paper anthologies published by Baen Books. At the same time, we felt it would be useful (and hopefully popular) to put them together in unitary volumes so that people who want to re-read them, or read them for the first time, don't have to hunt for them scattered over a number of separate issues of the magazine.

Publisher: Ring of Fire Press
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About the Author

Wood Hughes is an example of being drawn into fiction writing kicking and screaming. His first story, “Hell Fighters,” came up after he was challenged on Baen’s Bar to think out the real estate implications of the novel 1632. One thing led to another, and after more than a few sleepless nights, Wood tied together his real estate knowledge with his life experience of having worked at the Birmingham Public Library as a youth. This resulted in a story that not only cleared the title of the land displaced by the Ring of Fire in an entertaining manner, but also set forth strong building codes for the new boom town.

Professionally, Wood is the first holder of both the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation and the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in Metro Atlanta. He graduated from the University of Alabama in communications. After eleven years of working in radio throughout the South, in 1983, he became involved in real estate sales and has sold homes and land in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Wood has been recognized on numerous occasions for sales achievements and has been a speaker at several International Real Estate conferences. Wood also has served on various Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Board committees, and as an officer of the Georgia Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute.