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Book Cover: Incident in Alaska Prefecture

by Leonard "Stoney" Compton

The German-Japanese Axis rules the world with an iron hand. Levi Fischer, one of the last Jews in the Alaska Prefecture, works hard, keeps his head down and hopes the Japanese overseers do not notice him. All is well until a fateful, snowy night when a dying Japanese manager bursts into the small wooden office where Levi is quietly doing his job. Levi is propelled into the center of a plot he woul...

Incident in Alaska Prefecture
Love & Chemistry

by Jack Carroll & Edith Wild

Sometimes it takes a lot of travel and a little chemistry to find love.

For down-timer Matthias Ehrenhardt it is certainly true. His life begins inauspiciously at the loss of his home and family but the plucky young man does not give up. Instead, he takes his chances at the new university to study engineering. ...

Love & Chemistry
Book Cover: The Muse of Music

by David Carrico & Enrico Toro

When Italian musician Giacomo Carissimi hears about Up-time music in Grantville he sets off across the Alps to see and hear these wonders. Nothing will keep him from his dream of learning the new music and seeing new instruments, not even warring militias and the threats of plague. ...

The Muse of Music
Book Cover: Bartley's Man

by Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

Bartley's Man is about love, respect and honor, and becoming wealthy in the service of David Bartley, an up-timer teenager with a brilliant mind. It is the journey of Johan Kipper, a reluctant soldier in Tilly's tercio as he collides with the fact of Grantville's existence. Johan decides he doesn't want to be a soldier anymore. So he becomes what he thinks is a servant to entrepreneur David Bartley and the Higgins family....

Bartley's Man
Book Cover: Second Chance Bird

by Garrett W. Vance

The Dodo is extinct everyone knows it. Caroline Platzer certainly does when she explains to Princess Christina that, "It was a kind of bird." But the last sighting of the Dodo was in 1662 and now is the year of our lord 1635.  Is 1635 too late to save the Dodo? Even if it's not, is it humanly possible?...

Second Chance Bird
Book Cover: The Danish Scheme

by Herbert Sakalucks & Eric Flint

Something new is brewing in the 17th century! Fans of the 1632 series have often asked "What's going on in North America?" Herbert Sakalaucks has set out to let you know in his short novel "The Danish Scheme." ...

The Danish Scheme
Book Cover: Essen Steel

by Kim Mackey

What are The Crucibellus Manuscripts and who is Collette Dubois? Any mathematician living after the 17th century would have looked at you as though you were an idiot for asking. What did they have to do with the rise of industrial power in Europe? Read Kim's story and find out! A novel set in Eric Flint's 1632 Universe. This story was previously serialized in the Grantville Gazette....

Essen Steel
Book Cover: Joseph Hanauer

by Douglas Jones

In 17th century Europe, the arrival of Grantville raised many questions, among them "What does freedom of religion really mean?"

Certainly the Jews of Europe want to know. Meanwhile, one man also has to live his life....

Joseph Hanauer
Book Cover: No Ship for Tranquebar

by Karen C. Evans & Kevin H. Evans

Every alternate history series has to have airships!

1632 isn't going to give you steam-punk armored dirigibles, but these adventurers do want to send a steam driven airship from Copenhagen to the Bay of Bengal!...

No Ship for Tranquebar
Book Cover: Turn Your Radio On

by Wood Hughes

The Ring of Fire brought back more that just technology, law, culture, and history. Religions, and religious thought that had yet to occur to the 17th century suddenly appeared.

At the same time, the Voice of America is selling radio time......

Turn Your Radio On
Book Cover: Medicine and Disease after the Ring of Fire

by Kim Mackey & Iver P. Cooper

In Eric Flint's words of 1632, after the Ring of Fire landed the Grantvillers in Germany, everything changed.

This collection of non fiction from the Grantville Gazette features some of our writers best work on Medicine and Disease. ...

Medicine and Disease after the Ring of Fire